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Re: [RFC] GNU Mach's forgotten speed ups.

From: Leonardo Pereira
Subject: Re: [RFC] GNU Mach's forgotten speed ups.
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 16:34:39 -0300

As I know, those interfaces already exists. So, I didn't understoo your "we shouldn't add such interfaces to Mach". I do not understand why someone would like to use IPC if we have an alternative that is faster than IPC. This is not related to a good or bad IPC, but the use of good mechanisms.

2006/1/25, Neal H. Walfield <neal@walfield.org>:
We shouldn't add such interfaces to Mach.  The set of interfaces
should be the minimum required such that we are still able to
concisely articulate the set of desirable and useful operations.  That
IPC is slow on Mach is well understood.  The solution is not to
minimize the use of Mach IPC but to use a different IPC model.  That
is part of the motivation to use a different microkernel.


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