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Re: [RFC] GNU Mach's forgotten speed ups.

From: Gianluca Guida
Subject: Re: [RFC] GNU Mach's forgotten speed ups.
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 01:53:28 +0100


On 1/25/06, Leonardo Pereira <leonardolopespereira@gmail.com> wrote:
> As I know, those interfaces already exists. So, I didn't understoo your "we
> shouldn't add such interfaces to Mach". I do not understand why someone
> would like to use IPC if we have an alternative that is faster than IPC.
> This is not related to a good or bad IPC, but the use of good mechanisms.

Yes, the interface exists already (FIPC is actually disabled, but the
device trap is already exported as syscall, even if commented in the
What would be needed to be done is the linkage of linux glue to those
functionalities, which currently may work only with mach's native

Personally I like Neal's answer, because IMHO Mach's current need (for
people still caring about it) is to be kept simple and possibly to be
cleaned up of all the unused code that makes it looks even more hairy
than what it is .
Again, I know that feature would possibly lead to a speed up in I/O,
which is very important, but current goal seems to be keeping the Hurd
on Mach _alive_ and stable. And raw engineering (raw == not driven by
design) certainly wouldn't help.


It was a type of people I did not know, I found them very strange and
they did not inspire confidence at all. Later I learned that I had been
introduced to electronic engineers.
                                                  E. W. Dijkstra

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