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Re: Clean gnumach code - MachRevival

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Re: Clean gnumach code - MachRevival
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 10:18:52 -0500
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On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 10:53:12AM -0200, Matheus Morais wrote:
> I'm a bit confuse about how mach revival project will work in some aspects.

Me too, so let's try to get this sorted out right now.

<URL:http://hurd.gnufans.org/bin/view/Mach/GNUMachRevivalProject> gives a
rough overview about what that effort is supposed to be.

I don't know anything about the current state.

> I'm on the task to clean up gnumach code and I already made some progress
> removing warnings from compile proccess, as gianluca said, but I have no
> idea where I must post/show/give/upload these modifyed files.

Here, on this very mailing list.  Imho there is no need for yet another
mailing list which Gianluca thought about creating.

> Maybe I must
> create a patch for them?

Posting patches would be a convenient way for us to review the fixes and
finally apply them to the RCS, given there is a consensus among the
participients of this mailing list.

Note that for fixes that are more advanced than adding some casts to get
rid of compile-time warnings or similar, we'd like you to assign the
copyright of your changes to the FSF.

> After project done a new branch for gnumach will be created?

I don't see the immediate need for that, be it before or after ``the
project is done''; under the assumption that GNU Mach remains to be GNU
Mach w.r.t. interfaces to the Hurd, etc.


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