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Re: Clean gnumach code - MachRevival

From: Matheus Morais
Subject: Re: Clean gnumach code - MachRevival
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 16:01:43 -0200

On 1/30/06, Gianluca Guida <glguida@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Gianluca

well bug-hurd is not properly the right place to discuss this, but
I'll keep this discussion public in case someone is interested.
The "Revival Project" is quite an informal thing. It has born as a
Sergio Lopez's idea mainly, which apparently seems very busy recently.
You won't find anything `official`, if this is what you want/like.

You already asked me what to do, and I told you already that I was
very busy in this period -- university, other code, work, preparing to
leave Europe in 2 months, etc. -- so I don't have much time in the
immediate to work on this. In a few days I'll have more time, still if
you want to help me organizing the stuff you're _welcome_.

Ok, I got it. Please, sorry if I bothered you in that period. ;~

Well, you sent me already the patches. As soon as I'll make a
repository/site or something for it, I'll put it as a first cleanup of
the code. That's what I can do as 'clean up subproject' volunteering
leader. If you -- for fame and glory? :-) -- want to post a patch on
savannah, that has nothing to do with the revival project, and still a
great thing.

Right now I will wait until the repository/site has been work/build to post the patches. The fame or glory are, really, not my target ;). As I said before I'm looking to contribute with GNU project and improve my skills.

Don't think so.

Quite frankly, I don't get the point of your mail. You already asked
me privately about this, and you know that the cleanup thing is
(unfortunately) organized  by me. If you fear that my lack of time at
the moment might make your work a waste, just ignore the whole cleanup
revival stuff and work on cleaning up the Mach independently.
This would, in fact, still be a great thing, since we'd got people
working on cleaning up the mach code, and that is what we wanted. 

I'm looking to work with the team, in fact, actually I have no knowledge and time enough to lead that kind of project alone. So, I will wait for instructions.
Now, let's get back to the important stuff, thanks for your work!


Matheus Morais

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