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Re: Warnings removed from linux/dev/drivers/block/genhd.c

From: Matheus Morais
Subject: Re: Warnings removed from linux/dev/drivers/block/genhd.c
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 21:27:38 -0200

On 1/30/06, Neal H. Walfield <neal@walfield.org> wrote:
At Mon, 30 Jan 2006 15:37:53 -0200,
Matheus Morais wrote:
> Please review, diff file in attached.

Thanks for the contribution.  When submitting patches please follow
the following conventions: a description of what you are trying to
accomplish and why.  In your case, you should have explained why you
think add_bsd_partition needs to be moved.  You allude to it in the
subjuct but what is the warning?  How does moving the code fix it?
Second, you need to include a change log.  See the ChangeLog files in
the source tree for examples.


Ok Neal, sorry. I'm learning yet ;), but here we go,

The warning is 'add_bsd_partition is defined but not used', so I moved add_bsd_partition to inside the 'ifdef' wich that procedure is called avoiding the warning message because it will be declared only if it will be used.


2006-01-30 Matheus Morais <matheus.morais@gmail.com>

*add_bsd_partition() moved because warning messages of defined but not used procedure

So, its good or I need to improve in that specifications?


Matheus Morais

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