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Re: Thomas Schwinge to stop any work on the Hurd

From: Michael Heath
Subject: Re: Thomas Schwinge to stop any work on the Hurd
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 14:57:29 -0600

I'd like to repeat my request to stop messing with the delivery addresses. People post things to lists specifically so they are a public discussion, available to many people. That is the point of a list. The archives of this conversation are going to be messy, with random holes, all thanks to Mr. Szmidt.

Mr. Szmidt: you have had many poeple now oppose you, and take sides with Thomas. Regardless of your views of this, you are not in a situation to tell anyone to  "go back to [their] corners".

The bottom line is that, for now, many people who participate with the Hurd have decided that they are frustrated with you. If I may, I'd like to suggest letting it be for a bit. If you step away, allow things to cool down, and, in the future, show a responsible and mature interest in participating, I'm sure poeple would love to have you help out.

I, as an observer, see Mr. Schwinge's current position, participation, and attitude as a very good thing for all projects and people involved. While I admire Mr. Szmidt's intelligence and coding ability, I share what seems to be the general frustration with his overall attitude and civility towards others.

On 4/21/06, Alfred M. Szmidt <ams@gnu.org> wrote:
[Lists removed again]

   My understanding was that Alfred already was removed from the main
   Hurd project.

I am.

   What happens if we just ignore the HurdExtras project?

There is no reason to ignore HurdExtras, Thomas Schwinge should be
happy that he has more time to hack.  Infact, I don't even have any
intentions or (private or not) reason for removing him from the commit
list for HurdExtras; I could, but it would be utterly childish.

Thomas Schwinge is being childish for starting a flame war over
something as silly as list moderation.  The same applies to Harley
D. Eades, Richard Braun and yourself for continuing it.

Once again, go back to your corners and write some code.

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