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Re: Thomas Schwinge to stop any work on the Hurd

From: Anders Breindahl
Subject: Re: Thomas Schwinge to stop any work on the Hurd
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 12:27:46 +0200
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(Attempting to limit discussion to bug-hurd, where we all are (?))

On 2006-04-21  1940, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> > and write some code since I do not have the time for these childish
> > games and you now have more time to spend hacking since you don't have
> > to moderate yet another list.
> It seems to me that you fail to understand that ``writing some code'' is
> not everything.  There also is a community.  The Hurd community in this
> case.  We want to rely on each other.  We strive to help each other.  We
> sometimes meet in person and drink some beer together.  We laugh about
> each other and even tease each other.  And we--for sure--also get ``some
> code'' written.  You failed and again and again fail to be part of this
> community.  And no, it's not the community's fault.  Drastic words, yes.
> > As for your silly accusations, threats, absurd requests, and what not,
> > I will simply ignore those.
> That is your right to do, but that doesn't make you more credible in any
> way.  And I beg to differ that my accusations should be ``silly'' and my
> requests ``absurd''.
- snip -
> P.P.S.  Sorry to those who don't want to read all this.  But some issues
> should be worked on, after having them ignored for years.  That's at
> least my opinion.  You can't ignore the dirty truth forever.  Everybody
> who tries to do that will fail one day or the other.

The other day, I told a fellow GNU-user about the Hurd development
situation: Some guy would pop out with a suggestion or some over-all
friendly email. ams would then reply in a manner that made the unsure
poster go defensive, effectively ending the potential progress of the
suggestion. I also said that it was a seemingly recurring event.

He then said, that is was a shame. We would both like to see the Hurd up
and running fast, and recognize the value of having (excuse the
marketing term) team-players doing it.

After all, the community ought to have an integrated central developer
core, should the Hurd get big.

tschwinge has my support in his demands, too.

Regards, Anders Breindahl.

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