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Profiling of ext2fs

From: Michael Casadevall
Subject: Profiling of ext2fs
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 21:46:54 -0400 (EDT)

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After much blood, sweat, and tears, I managed to build the translator with profiling (not an easy task, and it flushed out a few bugs with GCC at the same time that had to be patched around for the time being, and some more which need to be resolved). I ran ext2fs.profiling (a static version of the translator with profiling), and got the following results with gmon.out (I put it as an attachment due to the sheer size of the output).

The first thing you'll notice is a distinct lack of times. Googling says this is caused when the program spends virtually no time in user mode (gprof can only track userspace times, not kernel or real). While this might be the case, especially if the translator is using co-location (which I think is disabled in Hurd though), it might also be a bug in gprof itself (I get a function terminated message on console, so this requires futher investagation), but we can decude some things. For the test, I deleted a directory on the mounted HDD, and then copied that same folder from the root drive to it. As you can see, there are loads of calls to IO, and it also removes quite a few suspected laggers such as Mach IPC.

I'm not an expert in mach's guts, so I'll leave this for you all to pick over while I see if I can figure out why timing is broken.
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