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Re: assert (! __spin_lock_locked (&ss->critical_section_lock));

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: assert (! __spin_lock_locked (&ss->critical_section_lock));
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 22:07:29 +0100
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Samuel Thibault, le Sat 30 Aug 2008 21:49:24 +0100, a écrit :
> ext2fs.static: thread-cancel.c:55: hurd_thread_cancel: Assertion `! 
> __spin_lock_locked (&ss->critical_section_lock)' failed.
> And I wonder why we do this.  Are we supposed, when calling
> hurd_thread_cancel, to be sure that the target thread is not in critical
> section?

Ah, we already discussed about it, and Roland said "show me the


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