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Re: A niche for the Hurd - next step: reality check

From: Michal Suchanek
Subject: Re: A niche for the Hurd - next step: reality check
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 00:29:27 +0100

2008/11/14 Arne Babenhauserheide <arne_bab@web.de>:
> Am Donnerstag 13 November 2008 23:45:59 schrieb Michal Suchanek:
>> No, it certainly would not. You do not have
>>  - the correct and proven lisp bindings for the Hurd API
> You have the list bindings which have been created during this years Google
> Summer of Code.
> As far as I know, these are complete (though I doubt that they are proven -
> but how much code really is these days? -> reality check of expectations ;) )

So that's half of the feasibility requirement ;-)

>>  - the code off which to base your changes
> You have the basic Hurd installation. If you need a modified translator, you
> can either setup a core translator differently (the stuff in /hurd), or
> recreate that translator in lisp, if you need radical changes.

If I do not need radical changes but require to change somewhat how
the translator works I have to recreate it in lisp - not modify,
recreate. With no sample code how to write a working replacement for
what I intended to modify.



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