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XKB's keymaps for the Hurd console

From: Diego Nieto Cid
Subject: XKB's keymaps for the Hurd console
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 18:32:52 -0300
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Finally, after doing some cleaning, here is the formal submission of the
code resulting from integrating Marco Gerards' driver with the existing
keyboard driver and fixing some bugs.

The repository is located at github under the following address:


and the interesting branch is named 'submission'. It's not the default
branch so you may want to clone using the no-checkout option.

A summary of the changes is included below. I tried to keep the original
author information where appropiate. However, I couldn't find accurate
information about the patches used in the current Debian package.

Alexander Preisinger (2):
      README update
      Add neo support

Arne Babenhauserheide (1):
      Added an example for selecting the keymap.

Diego Nieto Cid (38):
      Remove keyboard driver from XKB implementation.
      Export function to load the keaboard layout.
      Use external encoding converter.
      debian patch: 06_gcc-4.1_fix.patch
      Add type to $$ in mid-rules.
      Add missing semicolons bison was inserting.
      Translate scancodes using XKB.
      Install XKB data files.
      debian patch: 03_hurd_keymap.patch
      debian patch: 04_cleanups.patch
      Lexer support for keycodes with +/- symbols and arbitrary level numbers.
      Skip to main file's default section when needed.
      Update key type assigment routine.
      Recreate xkb/keymap/hurd from xkeyboard-config-1.8's xfree86 keymap.
      Rule vmod returns an int with the vmod's bit on.
      Avoid hashing garbage for short keynames.
      Warn when too many virtual modifier are defined.
      Give the file name and line number where an unexpected end of file was 
      Propagate error on unexpected end of files.
      Check for end of file.
      Add function to read the state of the scanner.
      Report inexistent section.
      Emit warnings on undeclared virtual modifiers.
      Add debugging messages.
      Use vfprintf in debug_printf and write to stderr.
      Remove obsolete variable declaration.
      Enable hurd extensions in every layout.
      Fix memory errors.
      Fix handling of error conditions.
      'vmods' is an alias for 'virtual_modifiers'.
      * console-client/xkb/xkb.c (iskeypad): Access up to 'width' symbols.
      Document new options.
      Update foreign files.
      Add support for hexadecimal symbols.
      Symbols 0..9 stand for their ascii character.
      * console-client/xkb/parser.y (include_section): Remove superflous strdup.
      * console-client/xkb/parser.y (include_section): Free filename.
      Use first section when there's no default.

Marco Gerards (1):
      Add XKB parser and implementation.


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