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Re: XKB's keymaps for the Hurd console

From: Oz
Subject: Re: XKB's keymaps for the Hurd console
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 17:06:40 -0500

awsome sounds like i'll be playing some quake 3 mods in the near
future on the hurd.

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 4:32 PM, Diego Nieto Cid <dnietoc@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Finally, after doing some cleaning, here is the formal submission of the
> code resulting from integrating Marco Gerards' driver with the existing
> keyboard driver and fixing some bugs.
> The repository is located at github under the following address:
>        git://github.com/diegonc/console-xkb-support.git
> and the interesting branch is named 'submission'. It's not the default
> branch so you may want to clone using the no-checkout option.
> A summary of the changes is included below. I tried to keep the original
> author information where appropiate. However, I couldn't find accurate
> information about the patches used in the current Debian package.
> Alexander Preisinger (2):
>      README update
>      Add neo support
> Arne Babenhauserheide (1):
>      Added an example for selecting the keymap.
> Diego Nieto Cid (38):
>      Remove keyboard driver from XKB implementation.
>      Export function to load the keaboard layout.
>      Use external encoding converter.
>      debian patch: 06_gcc-4.1_fix.patch
>      Add type to $$ in mid-rules.
>      Add missing semicolons bison was inserting.
>      Translate scancodes using XKB.
>      Install XKB data files.
>      debian patch: 03_hurd_keymap.patch
>      debian patch: 04_cleanups.patch
>      Lexer support for keycodes with +/- symbols and arbitrary level numbers.
>      Skip to main file's default section when needed.
>      Update key type assigment routine.
>      Recreate xkb/keymap/hurd from xkeyboard-config-1.8's xfree86 keymap.
>      Rule vmod returns an int with the vmod's bit on.
>      Avoid hashing garbage for short keynames.
>      Warn when too many virtual modifier are defined.
>      Give the file name and line number where an unexpected end of file was 
> found.
>      Propagate error on unexpected end of files.
>      Check for end of file.
>      Add function to read the state of the scanner.
>      Report inexistent section.
>      Emit warnings on undeclared virtual modifiers.
>      Add debugging messages.
>      Use vfprintf in debug_printf and write to stderr.
>      Remove obsolete variable declaration.
>      Enable hurd extensions in every layout.
>      Fix memory errors.
>      Fix handling of error conditions.
>      'vmods' is an alias for 'virtual_modifiers'.
>      * console-client/xkb/xkb.c (iskeypad): Access up to 'width' symbols.
>      Document new options.
>      Update foreign files.
>      Add support for hexadecimal symbols.
>      Symbols 0..9 stand for their ascii character.
>      * console-client/xkb/parser.y (include_section): Remove superflous 
> strdup.
>      * console-client/xkb/parser.y (include_section): Free filename.
>      Use first section when there's no default.
> Marco Gerards (1):
>      Add XKB parser and implementation.
> --
> diego

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