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Re: How to enable a SCSI CD-ROM ?

From: Svante Signell
Subject: Re: How to enable a SCSI CD-ROM ?
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 19:29:57 +0200

On Thu, 2011-09-15 at 18:48 +0200, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> Hi,
> > For example, you could boot a GNU/Linux system, and figure out which SCSI
> > devices exactly are provided.
> I did. RIPLinux-9.3-non-X.iso as emulated IDE CD-ROM boots with
> 64 bit kernel. An additionally emulated SCSI CD-ROM
>   -drive file=/dvdbuffer/netinst.iso,if=scsi,bus=4,unit=0,media=cdrom
> appears as /dev/sr0 and is readable.
> The emulated IDE CD-ROM appears as /dev/hdc.

Using: -drive file=netinst.iso,if=scsi,bus=4,unit=0,media=cdrom

less /var/log/dmesg
scsi : 0 hosts.
scsi : detected total.

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