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Re: [PATCH,HURD] hurdselect: Step1, code split preparations (version 3)

From: Richard Braun
Subject: Re: [PATCH,HURD] hurdselect: Step1, code split preparations (version 3)
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 13:39:12 +0100
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On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 12:10:05PM +0100, Svante Signell wrote:
> Introduced another helper function: _io_select_request()
> The patch does the following:
> 1) Create another helper function: _io_select_request() (good enough name?)
> 2) Sets got to -1 in case of errors and always return got in both helper
> functions.
> (Hopefully I got the call by value and call by reference issues right)
> The patch is made against hurdselect_step1_2.c.
> Next step will be to introduce the three cases: DELAY POLL, SELECT
> before adding the needed changes for POLL.  

I'm sorry but it's just not something I can approve. First, don't use
_io_select_request, it's far too close to the existing (although unused)
asynchronous RPC. Next, I personally have a hard time understanding the
flow of your changes. Please create understandable patch series with
git. Finally, each time I give more thought about it, the separation of
the "three" cases you're trying to introduce looks wrong to me. The
amount of change needed to handle each case is small enough to keep them
inline. Please avoid completely reworking _hurd_select just to fix a
small conformance issue ...

Richard Braun

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