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Re: GSOC - valgrind-hurd queries

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: GSOC - valgrind-hurd queries
Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 03:02:58 +0200
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Subhashish, le Sat 31 May 2014 06:23:39 +0530, a écrit :
> Now since I've #include-ed "i386-gnu/bits/resource.h", do I need to #define
> the RLIMIT_* symbols with VKI_ prefixes?
> vki-linux.h doesn't but darwin's does.

vki-linux does, in the vki-*-linux.h files.

> Moreover, ours are inside eums, so maybe I think they will be
> automatically picked up by rlimit and friends.

But valgrind uses VKI_RLIMIT_* macros, not RLIMIT_* macros, so you have
to define the former.

Now, AIUI valgrind redefines everything from scratch, without using
system headers.  It seems darwin does use system headers, but AIUI it's
not the way it's supposed to be done: vki-*.h redefines everything that
coregrind needs from scratch.


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