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Re: Circular dependency with glibc libpthread libihash

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Circular dependency with glibc libpthread libihash
Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 14:37:07 +0200
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Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@gnu.org> skribis:

> Ludovic Courtès, le Fri 30 May 2014 17:29:27 +0200, a écrit :
>> Manolis Ragkousis <manolis837@gmail.com> skribis:
>> > I had to put one more line after AC_NO_EXECUTABLES, otherwise it would 
>> > fail with
>> >>> syntax error near unexpected token `fi'.
>> AC_NO_EXECUTABLES expands to nothing, hence the error.  It seems that we
>> don’t even have to use it in a conditional.
> ? I see in the autoconf source code that it was modified precisely so
> that it can be used in a conditional.

Yes, the comment says that, but it’s unclear to me that’s it’s still
relevant: the macro expands to nothing, so what’s gained by using it in
a conditional?

Anyway, things work as is, so maybe it’s not worth bothering.  ;-)


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