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Regarding local.css (mobile device support + overall readability)

From: Muto
Subject: Regarding local.css (mobile device support + overall readability)
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 19:05:15 -0600

Hello, bug-hurd readers,

The "Patches" section of the Hurd's Savannah project page, along with
the hurd-web maling list have not been all that active lately, so just
to make sure someone sees this, I want to start a discussion here in
the main mailing-list regarding the current state of local.css. I'm
sorry, I don't mean to be a nuisance.

A few days ago, I sent a patch to the Hurd, which contains a
CSS file that enhances the website's mobile view on all browsers that
support @media (most browsers). I believe that this stylesheet improves
the site considerably, not just for mobile viewers, but for everyone.

Aside from just adding mobile support, I also added what I
consider to be globally increased readibility, such as a
background-color change on <pre> blocks, and a bold font weight on
<code> tags. There are many such small changes like this that I would
like feedback on. 

The file, along with screenshots, are attachments at:

In the file there are detailed comments describing every new addition
to the code. Please reply to this with any thoughts, ideas, concerns,
criticism (constructive or not), worries, or questions (and if this
stylesheet is complete garbage, I'll totally own it, so please let me

Again, I really think this is something the Hurd's Ikiwiki site could
use, and I really think it'll help viewers find what they're looking
for faster and with more comfort.

Lastly, I know on the website it says specifically "do not hold back
until the file is perfect. Make small code commits frequently", but I'm
not sure how I'd go about that as someone without commit access (and I
didn't want to spam up the "patches" section at Savannah with a
hundred tiny changes). I'm sorry, again.

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