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A link for accessing "the list of building failures programs" fails

From: Chenglin Xu
Subject: A link for accessing "the list of building failures programs" fails
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2019 16:22:41 +0200


Sorry to bother you, I'm a student currently studying at Strasbourg University in France. I am applying to join you during this summer through GSoC.

If I may, I would like to work on the "Fixing Programs Using PATH_MAX et al Unconditionally" project which is published on the idea list. 
Here is the link introducing the project: http://darnassus.sceen.net/~hurd-web/community/gsoc/project_ideas/maxpath/  

Unfortunately, I found that the link given on the introducing page(click the link above to see the page) for getting the list of packages related to this problem is not working. Is there any possibility I could get another way to see the list? It will permit me to convince my mentor by solving one of them on the list. As well, I will need that list all through this summer if I could.

Here is the link who fails: http://unstable.buildd.net/buildd/hurd-i386_Failed.html

Thanks for your time, good day to all.

Chenglin XU

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