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2p per minute for UK Daytime Calls!

From: Cheap UK Calls
Subject: 2p per minute for UK Daytime Calls!
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 14:38:45 -0400


2p a minute for all UK Daytime National Calls !
   That's 50% cheaper than BT! No peak rates, just a flat rate 24 hours a day!
   For Business or Home Use! - Use from your Mobile too!

UK Call Charges...

UK Calls

Smart Talk
Local 2p a minute !
National 2p a minute !
Mobile 19p a minute !

Popular International destinations...


Smart Talk
USA 3p a minute !
France 4p a minute !
Germany 3p a minute !
Australia 4p a minute !
Canada 4p a minute !
Israel 9p a minute !
Italy 4p a minute !

For A Complete List of Rates and Destinations Click Here

Who Operates The Service?

Smart Talk is a free telephone service from Tiscali, one of Europe's leading Internet and telecommunications providers. Tiscali offer guaranteed cheaper call rates than BT on local, national and international calls. By re-routing your telephone calls via their networks instead of BT's you can make huge savings on your calls!

Q Does it cost anything to join ?

NO!  - it is free to join and there is no additional line rental on top of your existing BT line rental, no monthly fee and no minimum charge! Just pay for your calls at the much cheaper rates!

Q How do I use the service ?

Simply choose the telephone number from which you want to use Smart Talk. Once you have joined and registered this number, simply dial 1615 before each number you call. It's that easy! You must include the full STD code when dialling - even for local calls. To call abroad, dial 1615 + 00 + country code + telephone number (including area code without the first 0 where applicable).

Q Can I register more than one phone number?

YES. You can register up to four different telephone numbers from which to make savings on your local, national and international telephone calls, e.g. your home land line or office number. If you want to register extra numbers at any time, simply phone Tiscali's customer service number on 0870 741 5000.

Q How am I billed for calls?

You will receive a monthly itemised calls statement from Tiscali which also highlights your estimated savings compared to BT standard rates. The billed amount will be debited from your bank account on the date shown on your statement.
You will continue to be billed separately by your existing telephone provider, such as BT, for any line rental or calls you make through them.

Q Can I register my mobile number?

YES. To register your mobile phone please contact customer services on 0870 741 5000*

To use the service from your mobile phone you need to dial 0800 954 8876, press send, wait for the beep and then enter the destination telephone number that you want to call. DO NOT press send after dialling your destination number or you will be billed by your mobile operator.

*Some operators may charge you an additional fee to use Tiscali SmartTalk from your mobile - we therefore advise you to check with your operator.

Q Are there any numbers I shouldn't dial with SmartTalk?

Yes! You can use 1615 for all your calls to fixed lines and mobiles. There are however, certain types of calls best left on the BT network and so when calling them you should not use the 1615 prefix, i.e. emergency calls (999,112), freephone and special rate numbers (0800, 0870, 0808), operator service calls (152) and premium rate calls (0900).
You can use Smart Talk to call 192 and save up to 63% on calls to BT Directory Enquiries - it will only cost you 25p (BT charges 40p).




SmartTalk is owned and operated by Tiscali UK Ltd.
Prices and specifications correct at time of publish and may vary without notice. E&OE.
To check call rates please call Tiscali Customer Service on: 0870 741 5000

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