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Beams in 1.5 CVS

From: Vassily Checkin
Subject: Beams in 1.5 CVS
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 14:48:39 -0400
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Couple of problems found in today's CVS:

1. Beam touches the middle B in the following snippet. 1.4 used to
handle similar things well.

\score {
 \context Staff = up {
    \clef bass \stemDown [b,8 b,, b,] r8 r2

2. Tuplet brackets are not aligned with the beam.

\score {
 \context Staff = up {
   \relative f { \key b \major \time 6/4
    [fis8. gis16
      \times 4/6 {ais b cis dis e fis}
      \times 4/6 {gis ais b cis dis e}]
      [ \times 4/7 {fis gis ais b cis dis e}
      \times 4/6 {fis gis ais b cis dis} ]
    e8 r8


PS I've just started to play around with 1.5 series and I must say
I'm impressed. The output looks much nicer (aside from the two issues
above and places where input is over-tuned for 1.4 :)
and the memory consumption is almost twice less (45Megs vs 80 for Listz'
second ballade)

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