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Re: Problems with ps and pdf output

From: Nathan Curry
Subject: Re: Problems with ps and pdf output
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 14:10:59 -0400

More on the issue. In the example:

 \relative {
        c4 ^"Test"
        ^\markup "Test"
        ^\markup \override #'(font-magnification . 0.9) \override
#'(font-name . "ptmr") "Hello"

The one with the override is the one that works. It seems to be a problem 
with fonts? Could it be that there is no default font set? Also, I looked at 
the problem detailed here:

Could this be related? I'm not clear on the internal process of lilypond, 
and whether it is calling other programs to convert the files to pdf or ps.

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