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Re: Problems with ps and pdf output

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Problems with ps and pdf output
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 16:43:46 -0700

Please keep lilypond traffic on the mailist; this means that other people can help
answer, or receive help from other people's answers.

I'd try 2.5.31; we're almost at the 2.6.0 release. My build process wouldn't really help you, since I'm on OSX and I have to apply some extra patches. But on
linux, I'd be surprised if you have to do anything other than
make all
make install

- Graham

On 12-Jun-05, at 9:30 AM, Nathan Curry wrote:

Using Arch Linux, with v. 2.4.6 installed.  How do you build it, eg, what commands?  The build procedure I'm using is as follows:

   cd $startdir/src/$pkgname-$pkgver
   ./configure --prefix=/usr
  sed -i "s:SUBDIRS=user bibliography pictures topdocs  misc:SUBDIRS=bibliography pictures topdocs  misc:" Documentation/GNUmakefile #Stop from making info pages
   make || return 1
#  make lilypond_datadir=$startdir/pkg/usr/share/lilypond local_lilypond_datadir=$startdir/pkg/usr/share/lilypond/$pkgver install
   make DESTDIR=$startdir/pkg install
  install -D -m755 buildscripts/out/lilypond-profile $startdir/pkg/usr/share/lilypond/$pkgver/buildscripts/out/lilypond- profile   install -D -m755 buildscripts/out/lilypond-login $startdir/pkg/usr/share/lilypond/$pkgver/buildscripts/out/lilypond- login   install -D -m755 buildscripts/out/clean-fonts $startdir/pkg/usr/share/lilypond/$pkgver/buildscripts/out/clean-fonts   install -D -m755 buildscripts/out/lilypond-words $startdir/pkg/usr/share/lilypond/$pkgver/buildscripts/out/lilypond- words
   cd $startdir/pkg/usr/share/lilypond/$pkgver/buildscripts/out
  patch -p0 < $startdir/src/clean-fonts.diff # We don't need clean fonts referencing .
   mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/etc/profile.d
  ln -sf /usr/share/lilypond/$pkgver/buildscripts/out/lilypond-profile $startdir/pkg/etc/profile.d/lilypond.sh


On 6/11/05, Graham Percival <address@hidden> wrote:
On 11-Jun-05, at 11:10 AM, Nathan Curry wrote:

>  \relative {
>       c4 ^"Test"
>         ^\markup "Test"
>       ^\markup \override #'(font-magnification . 0.9) \override
> #'(font-name . "ptmr") "Hello"
>       }
> The one with the override is the one that works. It seems to be a
> problem
> with fonts? Could it be that there is no default font set? Also, I
> looked at
> the problem detailed here:

What OS and version are you using?  It works fine with self-compiled
2.5.30 on OSX.

- Graham

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