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Glossary improvements (especially French)

From: Jean-Pierre Coulon
Subject: Glossary improvements (especially French)
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 07:37:32 +0000 (UTC)
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Accidental:  Remove the natural sign before the flat (or apologize for
Lilypond to force this natural:-).

appoggiatura: French "appoggiature" has the same double-g as Italian. 

Autograph has only the meaning #1 in English.  "manuscript" means
hand written, but not from the composer's hand.
I am not aware of your meaning #2. Gardner Read employs "manuscript"
for this meaning. 
The French word is "autographe".

Chord: same unnecessary natural in the "augmented" chord.

Conjunct movement: There should be a warning sign between the first
two notes of bar #3, otherwise people can't recognize what is conjunct

Contrepoint: can't you improve the collisions of polyphonic rests
in the example? (or remove, or center the whole rests in the bars)

Custos: is "guidon" in French, "Notenzeiger" in German.
IMO the example would be clearer by
flushing the first line to the right, and if the second line had a
single note instead of a chord. You might want to ad a few more note
in both excerpts. 

G clef: the right thick bar probably means LaTeX or Lilypond complains
of an extraneous space sign at the end of a command. 

lyrics: "paroles" in French.

melisma: French "mélisme"

meter: remove the accent from French "mesure", and simply say "mesure".
(see time signature) 

tempo indication: French "indication de tempo".

thorough bass: French "basse continue"

time signature: French: "indication de mesure"

Keep up the good work!

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