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Re: lilypond-book is not flavor independent

From: Cláudia Soares
Subject: Re: lilypond-book is not flavor independent
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 01:51:46 +0000

On 2009/03/25, at 12:10, Graham Percival wrote:


To me, it seems desirable that an uneducated user can run lilypond- book without messing up with the script itself. In the vast majority of uneducated users in the unix world you might find mostly standard linux distros (ubuntu and the like) and mac osx users.

If the present shebang does not satisfy any standard nor a big subset of users (as it happens with mac os x) and there is a somewhat better solution, why not take it?

In my opinion, the practical issue here is much more important than to understand the Linux Foundation dynamics on LSB.



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