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Re: Please rewrite << { ... } \\ { ... } >> construct

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: Please rewrite << { ... } \\ { ... } >> construct
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 13:26:41 +0100

On 8 November 2010 13:05, Valentin Villenave <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Xavier,
> isn't that the discussion I tried to sum up on
> http://code.google.com/p/lilypond/issues/detail?id=1316
> ?

Yes, it is exactly that!

I looked into the tracker but did not find this issue.
Typing "<< \\ >>" into the search bar gives 493 and I must have missed

> Please repost your mail as a comment there, I think it will be more
> appropriate, useful and (possibly) efficient :-)

Actually I'm sad when I see this issue is tagged "Type-Enhancement"
and "Priority-Postponed".
>From a user point of view it is really a "HIGH annoyance" issue, since
it obliges me (the user) to use the "explicitly instantiating voices",
with a syntax far heavier (and more complex, less user-friendly).
When you have to use it a lot in a score you would have preferred
the "<< \\ >> construct" *Did The Right Thing*.

And besides I see other issues that are *not* postponed and have a far
higher priority level that are issues purely "hypothetical" that have
almost no chances to appear in "real-world" scores.

Sorry to grumble in a non-constrictive way.

Maybe you could add a point about "issue priorities" and/or "highest
wanted (by users) features".
We could have a kind of "polling system" to determine what are the
features/issues that are really wanted by users.
And also a point about bounties/sponsors in relation (there are people
on the french mailing list that wants to donate to the project but it
currently lacks a structure to manage these donations).


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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