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Last line doesn't wrap

From: Paul Nocero
Subject: Last line doesn't wrap
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 01:22:34 +0000 (UTC)
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>I'm not top posting.

This is my first use of LilyPond and it seems to work well, except for the 
problem noted here.  I'm creating a simple song with words and guitar chords, 
and the final line does not appear to wrap, but runs off the bottom of the 
page.  I've tried many variations of the input, but I can't seem to get around 
the problem.

I'm sorry I am submitting such a big file, but the problem goes away if I don't 
include all components that are needed (music, words and chords).

Here's my input file:

\version "2.12.0"
\paper {ragged-right=##t}
melody = \relative c' {
        \clef treble
        \key d \major
        \time 4/4
        s4 fis4 fis8 e4. d1~ d4 d4 fis4 a4 b2~ (b8 a8 b4) a2. a4
        b4. b8 b4 b4 a4 fis2 e4 d4. d8 cis4 d4 e4 fis4 fis4 e4 
        d1~ d4 d4 fis4 a4 b2~ (b8 a8 b4) a2. a4 b4. b8 b4 b4 
        a4 fis2 d8 d8 e4 d4 fis8 e4. d2. r4
        \bar "||"
        e4 e4 e4 e4 
        fis8 e8~ e2 a,4 b4 d4 d8 e4. d2. r4 e4 e4 e4 e4
        fis4. fis8 fis4. a,8 b8. d8 d4 e4 d4~ d2. r4 fis4 fis4 fis4 fis4
        fis8 e4. e4 e4 g4 g8 g4. g4 g4 fis8 fis4. fis4
        e4 e4 e4 e8 fis8~ fis4 e4 r4 a,8 a8 b4 d4 d8 e4 d8~ d4

text = \lyricmode {
        My Je -- sus rose on Eas -- ter mor -- ning, He
        came to sing a love song, He came to be my friend. When He re --
        turns in all His glo -- -- ry, He's gon -- na find me 
        sing -- ing and His song will ne -- ver end. 
        Je -- sus found me
        cry -- ing and dried my bit -- ter tears, Held me in His
        lov -- ing arms and told me not to fear. Je -- sus died and
        set me free, then rose a -- gain, yes I be -- lieve He's
        stand -- ing right be -- side me, sure as I am stand -- ing here.

harmonies = \chordmode {
        a1:7 d2 g2 d1 g1 d1 g1 d1 e1:7 a1:7 d2 g2 d1 g1 d1 g1 d2 b2:m e2:m a2 d1
        a1 a1 g1 d1 a1 a1 g1 d1 b1:m a1 g1 d1 a1 a1 g1 d1

\score {
        \new ChordNames {
        \set chordChanges = ##t
        \new Voice = "one" \melody
        \new Lyrics \lyricsto "one" \text


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