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Re: Last line doesn't wrap

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Last line doesn't wrap
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 09:28:27 -0600

On 4/2/11 7:22 PM, "Paul Nocero" <address@hidden> wrote:

>> I'm not top posting.
> This is my first use of LilyPond and it seems to work well, except for the
> problem noted here.  I'm creating a simple song with words and guitar chords,
> and the final line does not appear to wrap, but runs off the bottom of the
> page.  I've tried many variations of the input, but I can't seem to get around
> the problem.

This kind of question should be asked on -user, not on bug-.  I realize
you're new, and I'm not mentioning this to be angry with you, but to teach
you.  I've copied to -user for the archives.

> I'm sorry I am submitting such a big file, but the problem goes away if I
> don't
> include all components that are needed (music, words and chords).

Since you can't reproduce it with a tiny file, we can't accept it as a bug
report, even if it were a bug.   By asking on user, you'll bet the help you

> Here's my input file:

A final line not wrapping virtually always means that a note is carried
across a bar line, so there is no place for lilypond to make a break.

May I suggest that you put barchecks in your code.  You'll probably end up
with a barcheck warning when you compile your file.  That will tell you
where to fix it.



> \version "2.12.0"
> \paper {ragged-right=##t}
> melody = \relative c' {
>         \clef treble
>         \key d \major
>         \time 4/4
>         s4 fis4 fis8 e4. d1~ d4 d4 fis4 a4 b2~ (b8 a8 b4) a2. a4
>         b4. b8 b4 b4 a4 fis2 e4 d4. d8 cis4 d4 e4 fis4 fis4 e4
>         d1~ d4 d4 fis4 a4 b2~ (b8 a8 b4) a2. a4 b4. b8 b4 b4
>         a4 fis2 d8 d8 e4 d4 fis8 e4. d2. r4
>         \bar "||"
>         e4 e4 e4 e4
>         fis8 e8~ e2 a,4 b4 d4 d8 e4. d2. r4 e4 e4 e4 e4
>         fis4. fis8 fis4. a,8 b8. d8 d4 e4 d4~ d2. r4 fis4 fis4 fis4 fis4
>         fis8 e4. e4 e4 g4 g8 g4. g4 g4 fis8 fis4. fis4
>         e4 e4 e4 e8 fis8~ fis4 e4 r4 a,8 a8 b4 d4 d8 e4 d8~ d4
> }
> text = \lyricmode {
>         My Je -- sus rose on Eas -- ter mor -- ning, He
>         came to sing a love song, He came to be my friend. When He re --
>         turns in all His glo -- -- ry, He's gon -- na find me
>         sing -- ing and His song will ne -- ver end.
>         Je -- sus found me
>         cry -- ing and dried my bit -- ter tears, Held me in His
>         lov -- ing arms and told me not to fear. Je -- sus died and
>         set me free, then rose a -- gain, yes I be -- lieve He's
>         stand -- ing right be -- side me, sure as I am stand -- ing here.
> }
> harmonies = \chordmode {
>         a1:7 d2 g2 d1 g1 d1 g1 d1 e1:7 a1:7 d2 g2 d1 g1 d1 g1 d2 b2:m e2:m a2
> d1
>         a1 a1 g1 d1 a1 a1 g1 d1 b1:m a1 g1 d1 a1 a1 g1 d1
> }
> \score {
>         <<
>         \new ChordNames {
>         \set chordChanges = ##t
>         \harmonies
>         }
>         \new Voice = "one" \melody
>         \new Lyrics \lyricsto "one" \text
> }

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