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Re: [tablatures] snippet "Slides in tablature", NR 2.4.1

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: [tablatures] snippet "Slides in tablature", NR 2.4.1
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2011 22:03:13 +0200

Il giorno dom, 17/04/2011 alle 21.04 +0200, Patrick Schmidt ha scritto:
> > Last year I found out that I had to set TabNoteHead whiteout
> property to
> > false when I make the TabNoteHead transparent:
> >
> http://lilypond-s-support-for-tablatures.3383434.n2.nabble.com/Re-tie-bug-in-2-13-10-td4291079.html#a4292853
> > 
> > I have the suspect that this is no more necessary.
> > Can you confirm it?
> Yes and no: ties are still visible in tab staves when using
> \hideNotes: 

They are visible in Staff (and probably in TabStaff just when using
This change in ly/property-init.ly would fix it:

hideNotes = {
  \override Tie #'transparent = ##t

unHideNotes = {
  \revert Tie #'transparent

But I guess there's a reason why these lines have not been added (ties
are... mmh, "outside the scope of a note").

However my question was about the whiteout property of TabNoteHead.
IIRC, last year when I made a TabNoteHead transparent I could see a
small white area in place of TabNoteHead, because the whiteout property
of TabNoteHead was set to true by default (my blind guess).
So I had to add \once \override TabNoteHead #'whiteout = ##f  to my

Now this happens no more, the override is no more needed. I guess that's
because now the whiteout property is handled differently?

Where can I check it?

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