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Issue 1459 [was: Re: [tablatures] snippet "Slides in tablature", NR 2.4.

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Issue 1459 [was: Re: [tablatures] snippet "Slides in tablature", NR 2.4.1]
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 10:58:11 +0200
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Am 18.04.2011 09:11, schrieb Federico Bruni:
Il giorno dom, 17/04/2011 alle 16.58 +0200, Patrick Schmidt ha scritto:
In December 2010 I made a draft that contained the necessary changes.
I probably simply forgot to add these changes to the final draft of
the patch harmonics and slides (issue 3590041). Feel free to add these
two lines to /ly/property-init.ly and make a patch.
Here's the patch attached.
Can anyone check and push it?

BTW, I've just realized that issue 1459 doesn't happen when using
Maybe it's a good hint for fixing it?
As far as I understand, the main problem with tablature is,
that the "normal" tablature (i.e. numbers only) is just
a compromise:

1) the stems are made invisible and as short as possible,
because even if they are invisible, they occupy space and influence
the slurs (which are still visible). Just setting the stem stencil to ##f
doesn't work, because the flags have then no grob to refer to, so
a couple of errors occur.

2) Even when stems have a length of zero, a small stem is
visible. I think the length is measured from the border of the tab note head
to the end of the stem, whereas the stem seems to begin in the center
of the tab note head.

3) The shortened and invisible stems are kind of an \override in ly/engraver-init.ly,
so when you just do a \revert, you cannot restore the former
behavior - so the (workaround) solution to 1459 would be to copy
the corresponding lines in ly/engraver-init.ly (the stuff coping with Stem '...).

But I think it would be more consistent to allow the stem, flag and beam engravers to be switched off entirely without causing errors, and the slurs take care of the
note heads only when there are no beams, flags and stems. But that's way too
huge for me to get done.




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