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nobody cares about LSR, part 2 (was: wrong alignment...)

From: Graham Percival
Subject: nobody cares about LSR, part 2 (was: wrong alignment...)
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 04:00:39 +0100
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On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 12:22:54PM -0700, -Eluze wrote:
> > 1) add a snippet to LSR showing this method.  Make sure that the
> > snippet is tagged with "docs".
> > 2) wait until it's automatically part of the docs.
> although the snippet i added a few days ago is not approved yet i can see it
> when browsing the snippets.

Yes.  Either be patient, or wait for somebody to care about LSR.

Guys, look, this is maoing ridiculous.  Due to certain medical
conditions[1], I'm lacking my customary tact and patience.  Since
I'm only second to David in terms of infamously unfriendly
lilypond developers, that really says something.  I've been trying
to avoid lilypond discussions as much as possible since I can't
see anything positive coming from emails with me at the moment.  I
honestly think that the best thing for the project is for me to
shut up and bank my time (25 hours so far) for when I'm healthier;
probably in the second week of December.

But we can't avoid talking about LSR now, so you'll have to moaing
put up with me.

Do I need to maoing complain about maoing LSR every maoing six

Lots of people claimed they cared about LSR.  I'm calling every
maoing one of you a maoing liar.  Since that thread, I see 2
updates of LSR from the online version:
f47c92f6bb1148cf694883e688c8812417d5683e  Valentin 2011-07-05
826b67718096de62e7564e19a05402740138398c  Neil  2011-08-07

Two updates.  Wow, you guys really care about this, don't you?
What's worse is that apparently nobody else noticed that there's
no updates (other than Eluze, yesterday).  That really convinces
me that you maoing care about it.

I want somebody who claims to care about LSR put their maoing time
where their mouth is.  It takes about 15 maoing minutes per week
to keep things ticking along.  That includes running makelsr.py,
both locally and importing from the online version.  And it also
includes talking to people like Eluze to make sure (s)he knows
what's happening, and coordinating with James if you don't know
how to edit the docs, etc.  If you can't keep track of details, I
highly recommend making lists on pen and paper.  I often do that.

And no, you don't want to maoing ask me how to do all that, unless
you have an extroadinary thick skin.  Read the maoing CG and if it
doesn't work, ask somebody else who's done it before.

- Graham

[1] a nasty case of phditis, compounded by having no friends or
support in this country.  The physical effects are not fun.

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