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Re: Issue 1988 in lilypond: Patch: Rename \markuplines to \markuplist (b

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 1988 in lilypond: Patch: Rename \markuplines to \markuplist (before running convert-ly)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 09:03:21 +0000

Comment #4 on issue 1988 by address@hidden: Patch: Rename \markuplines to \markuplist (before running convert-ly)

@Graham: you marked this as Needs_evidence. Please compile the following file written in current syntax and look at its output.

z = \markuplines { a b c }
\markup { \concat \z }
\markup { \fill-line \z }
\markup { \justify \z }
\markup { \line \z }

Note that all of those commands are documented in the notation manual (not some Scheme programming manual or whatever else) to take an argument of type "markup list". All of those markups produce the material in horizontal orientation, not in lines. Even if you take commands like \column that would produce a vertical arrangement, the items in this arrangement explicitly aren't lines. They just have their natural width without any padding.

Could you please explain how you think that this current situation helps a "normal user" rather than confuse him?

I don't get it.

And I don't get your label "Patch-needs_work" either. It is not like the documentation would require any rewording: it always and consistently talks about markup lists, in notation manual and extending. Only the name \markuplines itself sticks out like a sore thumb without rhyme or reason.

So if you are of the opinion that the patch needs work, please give any evidence that the state after the patch is inconsistent. That you have gotten used to the previous inconsistence does not mean that a larger change is called for.

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