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From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: CRASH
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 15:53:02 -0000

"Arno Waschk" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
Am 30.10.2011 13:06, schrieb Phil Holmes:
"Arno Waschk" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Betreff: Re: CRASH

I am using latest git checkout of lilypond. The .ly File(s) i am using
ist pretty complex, but i am currently trying (but completely failing)
to produce a reduced example. But even if the music source file ist
completely wrong, it should not result into a segfault, no?


Does it also crash on the latest officially released version?

As you say, it should not crash, but without code demonstrating the crash, it is almost impossible to debug.

official for oneiric is 2.12, which is too old to compile my score, unfortunately...


Well - can you pull 2.14.2 and test against that?

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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