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2 pages on only one sheet

From: Moebius
Subject: 2 pages on only one sheet
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 11:08:32 +0000 (UTC)
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I'm a french user of lilypond in educational environment.
I often have to print several copies of scores for my pupils, and I do this job
on a toshiba studioe555 copier that accept pdf files on usb device.

Well, frequently the score is on two pages and as the copier has poor options
(only number of copies), I have to put the usb key into the copier, print real
two pages on two sheets, put these sheets on the copier window, program a
reduction to finaly obtain a4 copies with the two pages on it.

Before posting here, I've tried to solve the problem and finaly found "pdfnup",
a frontend for pdflatex that do the job. Always work fine on my computer but, on
the toshiba copier, fonts are not the good ones. In fact, pdfnup changes type 1c
fonts to type 1 fonts that seems not recognized by the toshiba that try to use
its own fonts : unusuable result ! The explaination above is only my own
thinking after viewing the pdfs contents with some programs (pdffonts...).

I've try to solve that but finaly, found no solution.

And I was thinking that if Lilypond could do the job, it would be the simpliest
way to do that.

So my request is : is it possible to include an option to tell Lilypond to print
two pages on a single a4 sheet  (or a number "n" of pages on a  single sheet? It
would be also useful to make corrections without wasting to much paper.


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