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Re: 2 pages on only one sheet

From: James
Subject: Re: 2 pages on only one sheet
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 11:40:44 +0000


On 27 November 2011 11:08, Moebius <address@hidden> wrote:

> Bonjour,
> I'm a french user of lilypond in educational environment.
> I often have to print several copies of scores for my pupils, and I do
> this job
> on a toshiba studioe555 copier that accept pdf files on usb device.
> Well, frequently the score is on two pages and as the copier has poor
> options
> (only number of copies), I have to put the usb key into the copier, print
> real
> two pages on two sheets, put these sheets on the copier window, program a
> reduction to finaly obtain a4 copies with the two pages on it.
> Before posting here, I've tried to solve the problem and finaly found
> "pdfnup",
> a frontend for pdflatex that do the job. Always work fine on my computer
> but, on
> the toshiba copier, fonts are not the good ones. In fact, pdfnup changes
> type 1c
> fonts to type 1 fonts that seems not recognized by the toshiba that try to
> use
> its own fonts : unusuable result ! The explaination above is only my own
> thinking after viewing the pdfs contents with some programs (pdffonts...).
> I've try to solve that but finaly, found no solution.
> And I was thinking that if Lilypond could do the job, it would be the
> simpliest
> way to do that.
> So my request is : is it possible to include an option to tell Lilypond to
> print
> two pages on a single a4 sheet  (or a number "n" of pages on a  single
> sheet? It
> would be also useful to make corrections without wasting to much paper.
> cordialement,
This is more appropriate on the 'user' email list, not 'bug' list.

I have cc'd that list instead in case someone can answer there - it's a
bigger 'audience' on 'user'.


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