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Re: [Spam??] Problem building doc section without built LilyPond

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: [Spam??] Problem building doc section without built LilyPond
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 18:07:46 +0200
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Am 15.04.2013 17:45, schrieb Urs Liska:
Am 15.04.2013 17:04, schrieb Trevor Daniels:
Urs Liska wrote Monday, April 15, 2013 2:38 PM

When trying to build a documentation section with
scripts/auxiliar/doc-section.sh I encounter a problem for which I can't
provide a patch myself:
This script is rather installation-dependent. I've been using it for some
time (indeed I wrote the original a long time ago) and find it's usually
easiest to copy it out and modify it to suit your personal requirements
locally. But by all means try to patch it up to be more useful - for doc
changes it's by far the quickest method of checking the changes are
good.  And it will, or can be made to, work under Windows within
the bash shell from MinGW.  Useful if MS provides your every-day

On my (linux) machine I could use the output of `which lilypond-book`to write a generic version that sets LILYPOND_BOOK to either the one from the default installation or the one built from source (the latter taking precedence).

I now (after your comment) see that there are more references to the build directory, and maybe I'll look into that.

But this leads be to another question:
To complement my patch I wanted to update the documentation in CG.
There I realized that I had missed the fact that doc-section.sh shouldn't work for sections of the CG.

But a) I _did_ make it work for me
and b) I don't really see the difference between cg-section.sh and doc-section.sh (except for the routine constructing the file name.

I have the impression that (with my previous patch about .itely and .itexi files) doc-section.sh should work with both, and it should be possible to completely remove cg-section.sh (and of course update the doc).

If you think that's true I could do that, make a patch and suggest it for inclusion. Otherwise I'd just add the necessary comments to complement my current (not-yet-sent) patch.

OK, what the heck:
Here is a patch trying to fix the lilypond-book issue in doc-section.sh, along with a comment in the CG.
If I have time I'll look into the other BUILD_DIRECTORY dependencies.
And if you can confirm my impression I would also make a patch removing cg-section.sh and the reference in the CG.


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