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Re: vertically-aligned-dynamics-and-textscripts.ly

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: vertically-aligned-dynamics-and-textscripts.ly
Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 23:14:04 +0200

2013/5/26 Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden>:
> Folks,
> here's a minor patch for an LSR snippet.  Is it OK if I send such
> patches to this list so that the LSR editors can incorporate them into
> the database?

Hi Werner,

I don't mind to which list you send a request to change a LSR-snippet.

Though, a patch isn't useful. I can't apply it through the web-interface.

The descriptions of LSR-snippets are using HTML formatting. So i'd
prefer plain text.

The description of
 By setting the <code>'Y-extent</code> property to a suitable value,
all <code>DynamicLineSpanner</code> objects (hairpins and dynamic
texts) can be aligned to a common reference point, regardless of their
actual extent. This way, every element will be vertically aligned,
thus producing a more pleasing output.

 The same idea, together with \textLengthOn, is used to align the text
scripts along their baseline.

I changed
This will be imported with the next makeLSR run.

Though, due to a very annoying LSR-bug every changed snippet (even if
only the description changes) results in cropped images.
I had to add
\markup \vspace #1 %avoid LSR-bug
And since this snppet is tagged doc, it will appear in our documentation, too.

May I ask you to contact Sebastiano about this bug.
I tried it two times, without success.
Well, he answered (at least the second time), though nothing happened.
I'm getting tired of trying it a third time.


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