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Re: Lyrics appear in "sans" on linux-64

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: Re: Lyrics appear in "sans" on linux-64
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 16:21:29 -0600
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On 13-08-25 04:11 PM, Mark Polesky wrote:
Colin Campbell wrote:
To be accurate, I tested on 2.17.24 so I'm just now
remaking doc after updating to latest master and
recompiling the binaries.
As I mentioned earlier, my font problem only happens on
2.17.25.  The output on 2.17.24 is fine.

- Mark

Here is the just-made .png from

address@hidden ~/lilypond-git/build (dev/local_working)$ which lilypond
address@hidden ~/lilypond-git/build (dev/local_working)$ lilypond -v
GNU LilyPond 2.17.25

Copyright (c) 1996--2012 by
  Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden>
  Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden>
  and others.

And the .PDF is the same. As well as opening the .png in Okular, I've also looked at it in context, in 2.1.1 of the just-generated NR. I don't see any lyrics in sans, just on a really cursory scan of nearby examples. I haven't gone the route of nuking my /build, nor have I deleted my font cache, but so far, I can't reproduce your problem, Mark.


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