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Re: lilypond for guile-2

From: Thomas Spuhler
Subject: Re: lilypond for guile-2
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2014 13:19:53 -0700
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On Friday, January 03, 2014 11:04:20 PM you wrote:
> Thomas Spuhler <address@hidden> writes:
> > Now that Lilypond-2.8.0 has been released, what is the chance of
> > migrating it to guile-2?
> You mean 2.18.0.  The chance is exactly zero: this is a major
> undertaking which will not be done in a stable release series.  The next
> chance is in the unstable 2.19 series or 2.20.0 probably released in a
> year or so.
> > We (Mageia) are close to releasing mageia4 incl. lilypond-2.18.0 with 
> > guile-1.8
> > Many users will be complaining because all other packages using guile
> > are now ported to and require
> > guile-2 (including gnucash) or have been dropped
> > Guile-1.8 again doesn't build anymore and there isn't much of an
> > incentive to fix it, but it will be
> > dropped in favor of guile-2 only
> > The result would be no more Lilypond after the Mageia4 release if
> > lilypond isn't ported to guile-2
> > If you look at distrowatch, we usually rank number 4 or even 3. There
> > should be an incentive to get
> > it ported.
> Feel free to port.  If your priorities for Mageia will make you remove
> LilyPond, of course that's your decision.  The precompiled LilyPond
> packages on our download side will likely continue to work in an
> emergency, but of course they are not managed by your package manager.

Now that Mageia4 is out with Lilypond-2.18.0. We are working on the next 
version to be release 
around Christmas 2014. 
Lilypond is now the only package (Gnucash has been ported to and Requires 
Guile-2) that requires 
Guile < 2.0. I have built Lilypond-2.19.3 with Guile-1.8. 
That said, Guile-1.8 gets more and more difficult to build and I am afraid it's 
going to be dropped 
from our next Distribution release and as a result Lilypond will not be in the 
next release by the 
end of 2014 unless it will build and work with Guile-2. 
Is there a time-line for Lilypond with Guile-2? Will it be before November 
If not I am not going spend my time to put Lilypond-2.19.x into Cauldron (the 
Mageia development 


Best regards
Thomas Spuhler

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