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Re: lilypond for guile-2

From: Julien Rioux
Subject: Re: lilypond for guile-2
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 16:51:46 -0400
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On 08/03/2014 3:19 PM, Thomas Spuhler wrote:
Now that Mageia4 is out with Lilypond-2.18.0. We are working on the next 
version to be release
around Christmas 2014.
Lilypond is now the only package (Gnucash has been ported to and Requires 
Guile-2) that requires
Guile < 2.0. I have built Lilypond-2.19.3 with Guile-1.8.
That said, Guile-1.8 gets more and more difficult to build and I am afraid it's 
going to be dropped
from our next Distribution release and as a result Lilypond will not be in the 
next release by the
end of 2014 unless it will build and work with Guile-2.
Is there a time-line for Lilypond with Guile-2? Will it be before November 2014?
If not I am not going spend my time to put Lilypond-2.19.x into Cauldron (the 
Mageia development

There is no timeline, but an entry for GSoC at http://www.gnu.org/software/soc-projects/ideas-2014.html#lilypond to hopefully attract a paid developer to work on this. It's possible that there would be some development version ready by November, but unlikely that it would be stable release quality (my own assessment).


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