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Re: Fontmap entry for Fontmap.local ends prematurely!

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Fontmap entry for Fontmap.local ends prematurely!
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2015 23:24:37 GMT

    We have no plans for any more 2.18.x releases, so ca you confirm if you
    still get the same problem when using the lastest development (2.19.x)
    available download?

The old version is working ok for my (minimal) purposes for the moment.
If I have a problem with the dev version (I don't expect so), sure, I'll
report it.

But meanwhile, anyone who (like me) goes to lilypond.org and follows the
path of least resistance to install and do the first test, exactly as
stated on the web site, will get an unexpected failure -- that was more
or less the point of my report.

So unless switching the stable version to 2.19.x is imminent (clearly
that would be ideal), I suggest adding something to
http://www.lilypond.org/unix.html that either admits the failure
("sadly, direct pdf output does not work with the current stable
download, use --ps instead") or change the example to output .ps and
running ps2pdf.  Since that is, in fact, what is necessary, so far as I
can tell anyway.


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