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Review of chapter 4 of NR (spacing.itely)

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Review of chapter 4 of NR (spacing.itely)
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 18:57:11 +0100

Hi all

While translating chapter 4 of NR I found a few mistakes/unclear sections I'll finish the translation tomorrow, but I'm sending this draft email now from work...

a) missing dot at the end of line 640:

b) 4.3.1 Line breaking
"Note that manually forced line breaks have to be added in parallel with the music:"
What means "in parallel" here? The example following this sentence does
not show "parallel breaks", there's only one \break in one voice.
If the purpose is suggesting the use of \break in each voice, the example
does not match this purpose.

What I'm getting wrong?

c) 4.3.2 Page breaking
"If the repeat is very short, the Page_turn_engraver can also be used to disable
page turns by setting a value for the context property
minimumRepeatLengthForPageTurn where as Page_turn_engraver only allows turns in
repeats whose duration is longer than this value."

Typo "where as" --> should just be "as" (because)?
Two conjunctions are too much. IIUC "whereas" is not the right one.
Perhaps breaking the sentence in two would help.

d) 4.4.2 Explicit positioning
"Explicit @code{\breaks} evenly divide the music into six measures per line."

The example uses s1*5 \break, so it's 5 (not 6) measures per line.
Also, the s should be taken out of the @code block.

e) 4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
"This is controlled with the stem-spacing-correction property in the NoteSpacing, object."

Extra comma to be removed.

f) 4.5.2 New spacing area
"This is useful when there are sections with a different notions of long and short notes."

--> with a different notion or with different notions

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