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Re: patch labels in CG manual

From: James
Subject: Re: patch labels in CG manual
Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 17:15:45 +0100
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On 20/05/16 09:34, Federico Bruni wrote:

I have a few questions about the section "Patch label" in:

Patch-new: the patch has not been checked for “obvious” mistakes. When in doubt, use this tag. Patch-review: the patch has no “obvious” mistakes (as checked by the Patch Meister), and is ready for review from main developers.

Developers with git push ability can use this category, skipping over patch-new.

Recently I've followed this guide and used Patch-review immediately after uploading the patch, because I thought this would have saved manual work to James.

But I've just learned from Phil that if I skip immediately to Patch-review the tests won't run¹. This is confirmed by this chapter: http://lilypond.org/doc/v2.19/Documentation/contributor/the-patch-review-cycle

I can't remember if Patchy still does (after the move to Allura/Sourceforge) what's described there. Anyway, I would add a link to the-patch-review-cycle from issue-classification#patch-label section and I would change the above paragraph to say that automatic tests are run when an issue is set to Patch-new.

¹ https://sourceforge.net/p/testlilyissues/issues/4857/

Yes this section does need some overhaul as when this was created I wasn't the Patch meister, Colin and a few others were I stepped in to replace Colin and while it's pretty much still the same there are some things that I have changed - to suit my own schedule and workflow - that might not be quite as it was before.

One thing to realise and I think people have forgotten is that the Patchy-testing scripts (rather than Patchy-merge scripts) no longer work as they were written to scrape the old Google tracker and don't work with Allura.

So Patch testing is 100% manually done - i.e. lots of clicking and typing commands - and that includes me having to download the raw *diff file from Rietveld via my browser and then running the commands, albeit serially, in a CMD window completely unscripted. Then making sure I manually clean my out of tree build and the tree in its current state after a patch test.

There are some custom filters on Allura that help me locate all Patches in the review process including those that are new, but they are filters set up by Trevor et al, so I don't have to go and hunt them myself.

git-cl will update all the correct fields that allow me to click that one-button filter to see the patches that are new and are started.

I don't go and hunt for them. If I perchance see something on the email list when someone doesn't use git-cl I will go and fix that, but those are really the exception than the rule.

I hope that helps.


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