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Re: Problem with documentation download

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: Problem with documentation download
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2017 17:08:48 +0100

Il giorno mer 1 feb 2017 alle 11:16, address@hidden ha scritto:
I'm trying to download this document: Uceni.pdf from http://lilypond.org/learning.cs.html but I get a message: Not found The requested URL /doc/v2.18/Documentation/learning.cs.pdf was not found on this server. Can you fix this bug please?

Hi Zdenek

As far as I can see in the git log, the last update to czech documentation dates back to August 2012. The information may be inaccurate or incomplete for the current stable (2.18). If you feel like working on updating the translation of this manual, let us know :-)

I'm Cc-ing the translation list.
It seems that PDF files are disabled for your language:

$ cat Documentation/cs/GNUmakefile
depth = ../..
STEPMAKE_TEMPLATES = documentation texinfo
LOCALSTEPMAKE_TEMPLATES = lilypond ly doc-i18n-root

If I comment the last line I get the PDF file (I'll send it privately to you in the next mail).

@TRANSLATORS: ok if I comment that line and push to translation branch?

Same for japanese and chinese languages:
$ git grep -n NO_PDF_FILES
Documentation/cs/GNUmakefile:5:NO_PDF_FILES = 1
Documentation/ja/GNUmakefile:5:NO_PDF_FILES = 1
Documentation/nl/GNUmakefile:5:# NO_PDF_FILES = 1
Documentation/zh/GNUmakefile:5:NO_PDF_FILES = 1
make/doc-i18n-root-targets.make:4:ifneq ($(NO_PDF_FILES),)
make/doc-i18n-root-targets.make:7:ifeq ($(NO_PDF_FILES),)

These two languages still have a correct link to a PDF file, but in english (this depends on texinfo source).
Don't know what's the purpose of this though.

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