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Re: Bug

From: Mike Solomon
Subject: Re: Bug
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2017 18:08:29 +0100

Yeah, just checked it out, you can remove the spurious if (brain fart).
I don’t have time to propose a patch today but I can do that on Monday if no 
one else can get around to it (I haven’t set up git-cl yet on this machine).
Alternatively, I can just push the change to master if people are OK with that.


On 30 January 2017 at 14.23.02, David Kastrup (address@hidden) wrote:

Martin Strunz <address@hidden> writes:  

> Hi,  
> \lily\spanner.cc line 453:  
> opposite conditions in nested if statement  

Interesting. I would have thought that something like this most likely  
comes about by two different people making patches at different times,  
but the whole passage appears to be from  

commit a339f8b9865b0f02febd351ba494129d414fb568  
Author: Mike Solomon <address@hidden>  
Date: Wed Mar 16 15:07:34 2011 -0400  

Fixes Issue 1504, allowing feather beam line breaking.  

Makes it such that the degree of feathering at the end of a system  
is preserved at the beginning of the next system.  

Adds a normalized-endpoints property to Spanner, which calculates  
the portion of a spanner (normalized from 0 to 1) taken up by any  
broken child.  

It is not obvious to me at a cursory reading what the intent here was:  
the behavior in the never-reached "if (!orig->is_broken ())" branch is  
quite different from the code in the actually taken branch. So I am  
somewhat hesitant in throwing out the code that (right now) is never  

Mike? Any idea what was the intent here and what the correct way to  
make it happen would be?  

David Kastrup  

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