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Re: accidentals on merged notes

From: Noeck
Subject: Re: accidentals on merged notes
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2017 12:04:42 +0200
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some more comments:

Knut A is fine in most cases. I would guess the first accidental is for
the upper voice. However, this can get very close to such situations:
{ cisis' cis' }
if the natural sign comes first.

Knut B looks like there are 6 quarter notes. Obviously not possible in
4/4 but confusing.

Knut A seems reasonable for an automatic solution, IMHO.

In reality, I think there are more manual options:
- enharmonic changes <as g>
- Knut A but shifting the accidentals a little bit vertically (less than
a staff space to highlight the associated voice (unless there are other
notes in a chord)
- Knut B is clearer for beamed notes
- I've seen a split stem with two noteheads before *
- Malte C as a last resort

* About the split stem: I think I've seen this being discussed on the
user list but I couldn't find it. A single stem splits like a triangle
and is connected to two noteheads with different accidentals. This is
like Knut B but it is clear that the notes belong to one point in time.

In general, I would opt for a simple automatic resolution (better than
now, e.g. Knut A) but encourage manual improvements depending on the


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