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Re: modern-straight and flat- flags too thick and too spaced apart

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: modern-straight and flat- flags too thick and too spaced apart
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2019 19:57:32 +0000
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´╗┐On 2/16/19, 7:22 PM, "edes" <address@hidden> wrote:

    Hello, list.
    Some time ago I reported a bug with modern-straight and flat flags, and it
    was accepted as issue 5412:
    I only have a very basic knowledge of lilypond, but I assume that this
    problem happens at the font level, and that there is no way to improve the
    output by tweaking the lilypond code?

It turns out that the straight family of  flags is actually implemented in 

The file is scm/flag-styles.scm

The thicknesses are hard-coded at lines 111 (modern-straight-flag), 117 
(old-straight-flag), and 122 (flat-flag).

The names of the variables (which show up only as numbers in these calls) are 
found at line 60.

Unfortunately, at this point there does not appear to be any grob property for  
the thickness, so there is not a straightforward override.  You'll need to edit 
the scheme file.  Or, you could define your own straight flag style by copying 
(and altering) one of the flag definitions.
If you get some better numbers, and especially if you have some evidence from 
nicely-engraved scores, it's likely that we would replace the defaults.



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