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Re: modern-straight and flat- flags too thick and too spaced apart

From: edes
Subject: Re: modern-straight and flat- flags too thick and too spaced apart
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2019 11:02:55 -0300

el 2019-02-18 a las 05:06 Carl Sorensen escribió:

> But the Stockhausen examples you show don't behave like *traditional*
> beams.  The Stockhausen examples show the flags all coming from the stem
> at the same point relative to the staff lines.  Traditional beams vary
> where they are relative to the staff lines (lower ones rest, middle ones
> straddle, higher ones hang, IIRC).  Since the Stockhausen beams don't
> live on the staff, they don't have to be concerned about the staff
> lines, and I suspect they are just one staff-space apart, although I
> haven't measured carefully.

It's true I was not clear when I said "behave". I meant that horizontal
and straight flags (should) have the same thickness and distance as beams
(when beams are outside the staff, now in lilypond they are thicker and
more separated). 

With respect to that, yes, in modern music notation beams are more often
than not located outside the staff. As I mentioned in my previous mail, in
modern music notation, stems are typically much longer than the default in

For straight flags, the criterion seems to be: stems always end in the
middle of a space (or the equivalent outside the staff), and the base of
each additional flag is located one staff-space apart (i.e., also in the
middle of a space).

For examples, please see attached the two excerpts from Le Marteau sans
maître that I forgot to include in my previous mail, and another excerpt
from Zeitmaße. 




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