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Re: record option / sending mail

From: Thomas Esser
Subject: Re: record option / sending mail
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 06:25:48 +0200

> To verify, you have in ~/.mailrc
> something like:
> set record=FILENAME

  set record=/home/te/Mail/outgoing

BTW: I did find another bug: when composing a message without external
editor, mail sends a message away if s line starts with a dot. mail
should only be send if a dot is the only character of a line, but in
my case, the line started with three dots.

The "editheaders" option (which works with Solaris' mailx) is cool.
That would be great to have in your mail, too.


Here is my .mailrc (without aliases):

set keepsave autoprint ask dot editheaders verbose
unset metoo
alternates address@hidden
set crt=99999
set record=/home/te/Mail/outgoing
set folder=/home/te/Mail
set indentprefix="> "
set DEAD=/home/te/Mail/dead.letter
unset askcc

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