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Timezone in mbox separator (From) line

From: Ken Olum
Subject: Timezone in mbox separator (From) line
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2020 20:00:19 -0400

I'm using exim and have done nothing special to configure exim's
timezone handling.  When it delivers to a mbox-format file, it writes
the separator line at the the beginning of the message with the
local time and no timezone.  This seems to be wrong.  According to
RFC4155's specification of the "default" mbox format, this should be in
UTC (with no timezone marker).  Indeed squirrelmail using imap reports
this time incorrectly.

So I guess I should get exim to use UTC for that line, except that the
mailutils "mail" program uses the time from there unaltered.  If imap
thinks that this line is in UTC, shouldn't mail think that also and
convert it to local time before displaying it?


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