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Warning messages not understood

From: John N. Armstrong
Subject: Warning messages not understood
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 12:24:44 -0600

I’m not sure that this is a bug (in fact, I’m certain it’s not), but I can’t understand the behavior I’m getting from GNU make 3.79 running on an NT 4.0 SP6 system.


I have a “typical” recursive make file structure that I’m using to build a Java application. The top-level make invokes make in each of the sub-directories, which invoke make in their sub-directories, and so on. In every case, I’m invoking make using the “$(MAKE) –C <sub-directory> <target>” syntax. The makefile in each sub-directory includes a global makefile (by means of the include directive) with common variable definition and a default rule for making Java class files from Java source files.


Not surprisingly, all the makefiles are very similar in structure; for example, each makefile has a pseudo-target named, “clean:”.


As each makefile is processed, I get the following type of warning messages:


makefile:<line-no> warning: overriding commands for target ‘clean’

makefile:<line-no> warning: ignoring old commands for target ‘clean’


I receive a pair of these messages for each and every pseudo-target that happens to have the same name as a pseudo-target in a higher-level makefile.


I don’t understand this. I’ve not seen this behavior on other systems running GNU make (same release). I thought each invocation of make (i.e. for a sub-directory) was essentially independent of other (higher-level) invocations. However, these warning messages give me the impression that a common “rule space” is being used, and when make encounters a pseudo-target previously seen, its commands temporarily “overlay” any previous commands associated with that pseudo-target. This happens irrespective of whether I run make in UNIX mode (using the –unix command line option) or Win32 mode (using the –win32 command line option).


Other than the fact that I get lots of these warning messages each time I run make, everything appears to work OK – that is, the end result is correct.


I can find no information in the documentation as to why this happens, or how this behavior can be suppressed.


Can you enlighten me on what’s going on here?







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